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Global Warming is Dying a Horrible Death

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Here comes the boogieman, ready to sweep those who proclaimed global warming horrors and world cataclysms off into scientific  obscurity.  The truth is that global warming is dying a horrible death.

The question that remains, is who put these scientist up to this heist and who worked so frantically  to extort the worlds wealthiest nations: who has yet to be revealed?

Who falsified documents; who will try and deny their roll in frightening the world into potentially paying billions in global warming taxes.

Obviously, Al Gore needs to be fully investigated for his frighten theatrics and misleading the worlds population for personal gain.  Many would agree that his position as chief crier among the global warming fanatics was, but a roll utilized to gain his financial fortune.

With over 30,000 American Scientist demanding additional evidence into global warming no excuse will be sufficient.

Any investigations into the falsehoods of global warming need not be only investigated by one nation or the UN, but rather a joint commission with pFormer Vice President Gorepunishments ready to be handed out. It may be necessary that independent nations who have no succumb to the global warming history take it upon themselves to investigate and make their findings known.

Vaclav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic would be an excellent choice to head such a massive endeavor.  President Klaus was one of the few world leaders who demanded better evidence into global warming and was met  by ridicule and insults by UN scientists and other pro global warming promoters.

Many of the worlds monarchies need to be UN-apologetically investigated, as well, for their roll.  The President of the United States Barack Obama and his Administration along with other European leaders need to be considered as well as they pushed this false agenda onto the people.

The people of the world need honest representation when it comes to global warming.  Those who promoted global warming upon the world need not apply to any investigating body.

Now this does not mean that our planet is not going thru global environmental changes, as most would agree that in the last decade weather pasterns have been fluctuating.  This however has never been proven to have anything to do with man made events.

Since the mid 1980’s liberal scientists have been crying wolf and saying the world was about to end first it was the ozone layer and then global warming and now global claimant change.  The truth is simple here, most scientist know very little of how the earth really works how the ozone layer contracts or how weather patterns rise and fall.  When they see something they have never witnessed they immediately , put their name, to cash in, then market it, as a world ending threat that man has caused. When it slowly becomes obvious that there is no danger they scamper like rates in a sinking ship.

This is what has happened with global warming, global warming scientists know they were wrong, but are not willing to acknowledge their error,   Some scientist have completely disappeared from the discussion others knowing that global warming is dying.  Others have doubled down with their belief hoping that a miracle happens while become even more determined that they be proven right.

Today those who refuse to give in to the reason of current claimant patterns have angrily and bitterly suggested that those who do not agree with their science should be thrown in to prison.  One might be shocked by this fascists attempt to force the liberal science of global warming, but in today political atmosphere noting is shocking any longer.

It is become quickly obvious that global warming was not just a means by which the wealthy could take money from the world populace but a means of populace control.  The truth needs to be uncovered and those who are guilty punished.

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  1. Al Gore is a washed up Scammer with his Global Warming BS and it is the Communists, like Obama and the Democratic Communist Party that push this nonsense in America. God is in charge of the weather and always will be! I worry more about Muslim Pigs, Illegal Criminals, and Ebola being brought into our Nation by our Sodomy Queen President more than about False Global Warming Lies. God Bless America!

    August 3, 2014 at 8:16 am

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