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Homeschooling Parents Are Being Targeted

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Ok, boots are on your lawn; men with hand cuffs are about to arrest you for your conservative opinion on home schooling: what are you going to do?

Carlisle PA police serve search warrant at apartmentWell, since you have done nothing to this point, my friend, you will likely be wrestled into the dirt and hand cuffed as your neighbor John who has cooked Johnsonville Brots with you for the last 5 years stands by watching you dragged off.

Why did he not help you, because he is so worried about his own life?

This is not just occurring in Europe where Hitler instituted the practice in Germany, but in the United States under a liberal flag of child protection.

The simple truth is that homeschooling parents are being targeted.

Before the Jews in Europe were shot in the head on the streets with their blood trickling into the cobble stones, there was a time, when they and their German neighbors were best of friends.  Keep in mind your friendly neighborhood police officer, constable or sheriff may quickly turn on you especially if his or her principles are not solid and even if they are sometimes challenging the system is just to tough.

Today we are inching closer to the initial stages of another Nazi style government calamity. The far left wing of the Democratic Party hate God fearing people, as do their counterparts in Europe.

Why you ask, it’s simple they can not tolerate anyone other than a state owned facility educating the young minds of their subjects.  The notion that parents have a right to teach their children principles coming from an archaic book such as the Bible or from a non-existent god is counter to their much wiser reasoned concept of a utopian society and therefore those that follow such archaic beliefs must be re-educated?

One may say this can’t happen. Well, it is already happening: Homeschooling mothers all around the United States are regularly being harassed by government officials who believe Christian homeschooling parents teach topics contrary to their ideologies of anti God.

Germany’s laws have emboldened Liberals within the United States with their authority to remove and imprison parents for their none compliance.  Christians complain, but with ineffective results .

Most Americans have forgotten what it takes to secure their freedom. Not all battles or enemies are foreign. American freedom is certainly in the sight of anti family liberals and it is in their best interest to protect their rights.

A court battle is what the enemy wants. What they don’t want is 100,000 people marching to the local or state court house and demanding action.

The longer it takes for good Americans to realize that their ways of life are under attack, the more ground will be stolen by the far left,  leaving good Americans with fewer options other than force. America would do well to wake up.

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3 Responses to Homeschooling Parents Are Being Targeted

  1. I home school my kids and trying to talk everyone I know in doing the same

    July 17, 2014 at 12:37 am

    • I have known many to homeschool and the only problem I have seen is that some private universities and colleges refuse to accept their high school graduation transcripts…it is sad

      Phil Kammer
      July 17, 2014 at 1:01 am

      • all of the BYU colleges accept home schoolers i do believe

        July 17, 2014 at 3:33 am

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